Thunder Biotech is a pre-clinical oncology company developing a complete solution for the detection, treatment, and monitoring of patient tumors. We have developed a novel immunotherapy to target unique biomarkers expressed on the surface of malignant tumors. In addition, we have developed a companion diagnostic assay to detect various stages of cancer and to monitor potential recurrence.

Using Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) technology, we genetically modify T-cells to target cancer cells expressing unique biomarkers.  Additionally, we have developed a novel immunotherapy involving other immune cells – MOTO-CARs™.


Our goal is to provide cancer patients with a more effective treatment while avoiding the adverse side effects of traditional treatments. We envision an immediate future where our diagnostic assay will accurately detect the presence and stage of cancer, and our adoptive immunotherapy will effectively boost the immune system to recognize and destroy the cancer cells.


The Thunder Biotech team consists of scientists, healthcare professionals, and opinion leaders in the immune-oncology field. The management team and its advisory board members are driven by a passion to bring a complete solution to the early detection and treatment of cancer.

Brent Israelsen
Executive Chairman
Dr. Kim O’Neill
Chief Scientific Officer
Tod Schulthess
President and CEO
Mr. Schulthess is a co-founder of Thunder Biotech and serves as President and CEO. He has over three decades of executive experience working with early-stage companies. Prior to Thunder Biotech, Read More
Douglas R. Fogg
Chief Product Officer
Doug is the Chief Product Officer for Thunder Biotech and provides oversight of research institutions, sponsored research projects, pre-clinical test sites, and regulatory consultants necessary to advance the development of Read More

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Michael Boyer
Scientific Board Chair
Huntsman Cancer Institute-U of U Hematology/Oncology
Dr. Duckjoo Lee
Scientific Board Chair
CEO, GreenCross Cell

Business Advisory Board

Bruce Galton
Senior Advisor
Bruce is the Principal of Galton Consulting, LLC, a biopharmaceutical consulting practice, and is the Senior Advisor, Development Stage Commercial Strategy with a consulting firm. He has over 20 years Read More
Kent A. Misener, CFA
Board Chair
Mr. Misener is the CEO of Verapath Global Investing LLC, a boutique investment advisory firm affiliated with a foundation centered on education and self-reliance. In 2015, he retired as the Read More
Morris D. Linton
Senior Advisor
Mr. Linton graduated from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University in 1978 after completing undergraduate work at Yale and BYU. Following law school, he clerked for Read More
Shaun Sorensen
Senior Advisor
Shaun brings over ten years of experience in healthcare technology and is currently the CEO and co-founder of PGA Healthcare.  Shaun also serves as an Advisor to CNSDose, a leader Read More

“We have developed a novel method of activating the immune system to target unique cancer biomarkers. Using CAR technology, we can genetically modify immune cells to recognized and destroy malignant tumor cells.

Dr. Kim O'Neill, Chief Scientific Officer, Thunder Biotech