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The initial focus of Thunder Biotech is to bring to market its novel adoptive immunotherapy for treating malignant lung tumors. Lung cancer is our first focus because it has the highest mortality among both men and women.

Using data from our in vitro experiments, we have engaged some of the most notable medical colleges and cancer centers in the country to perform in vivo experiments. Data from our in vivo studies should be available in early 2018 with our first IND filing planned for later in the year. Patient enrollment for phase I of our first clinical study is expected to begin in early 2019.

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”

- Margret Thatcher

“New technology has been developed that directs the patient’s own immune system to recognize and kill the tumor cells.”

Dr. Kim O’Neill

Chief Scientific Officer–Thunder Biotech


Thunder Biotech is an emerging player in the CAR immuno-oncology field with its primary focus on using its novel adoptive therapy to ‘super-charge’ the immune system to effectively recognize and destroy malignant tumor cells. We believe that partnering with industry leaders is the most time-effective way to translate our technology from benchtop to bedside.

We are actively seeking partners interested in working with Thunder Biotech at every stage – from participating in preclinical studies to licensing agreements. For more information about partnering with Thunder Biotech, please contact us.